Features to supercharge your guest experience and increase RevPAR

Open up a new window of sales opportunities for your property. Delight your guests with personalised hotel & activity recommendations

Fully automated

Travlet is fully 'hands off'. You don't need to do anything for it to delight guests and increase your RevPAR - it just works its magic for you.

We use automation at every step of the guest journey to engage every single guest - something that would be very costly if done manually.

Easy cross-sells

Delight guests and increase RevPAR with cross-sells such as tickets for local experiences and days out.

Our AI platform makes personalised guest recommendations without you needing to lift a finger.

Raise your upselling game

Our technology can also promote your hotel upsells to help your guests have a great stay and generate incremental revenue.

Our platform is totally flexible and can offer many types of upsells including room service, breakfast, afternoon tea, spa treatments, leisure activities, room upgrades, exclusive offers and more.

Curated experiences for your guests

By leveraging data from millions of experience bookings worldwide and combining it with our AI technology, our technology delights your guests by making highly personalised recommendations for guest experiences and days out.

Improve & increase TripAdvisor reviews

Improve your reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor by giving your guests everything they need for a great trip, without them even having to ask.

Our automated review request tool makes it easier and faster for guests to leave positive reviews by contacting guests after their stay to request a review.

Our smart platform can also allow you to address negative reviews before they reach the review sites.

Dedicated support team

We know how busy you are. That’s why we’re here to help you, every step of the way.

Every service we offer is 100% managed by us - from setting up your platform, communicating with your guests, adding new attractions and analysing your performance.

No hassle PMS integration

Travlet integrates seamlessly with your PMS and is the most open and flexible digital concierge platform on the market.

We set up all communications so they use your branding.

Need a custom solution? We can do that too.

Every hotel owner wants the opportunity to give their guest a great experience… Driving additional revenue whilst doing this is a bonus

Monish Jain
Hotel Owner

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